Compound Collection

A new generation compound library

HDC offers access to a new generation screening compound library for hit identification programs. The library contains around 240’000 drug-like and lead-like compounds, carefully selected by a team of medicinal and computational chemists to provide the best chemical starting points for drug discovery. The collection consists of three subsets with the following characteristics:

  • Discovery set: 5-10 members per cluster to provide structure-activity relationship (SAR) information
  • Explorer set: highest coverage of diversity ideally suited for novel target space
  • Probe set: low Molecular Weight, ideal starting point for further optimization


The HDC compound collection advantage


  • High novelty
  • Subset selection is possible
  • Building blocks are available for all compounds from the provider


Our ‘Road-Test’ Library


In addition, there is a small compound library consisting of marketed drugs and other bioactive compounds that can be used to develop and validate novel screening assays and targets. This can serve as a cost-effective proof of concept screen. HDC can also screen a client’s own compound collections.