High Throughput Screening

Find needles in a Haystack

High Throughput Screening (HTS) is a well-established, time and cost-effective strategy for the discovery of new drugs. HDC will help you with all phases of the HTS process, from developing and validating an assay, to screening your novel targets against our in-house library of 240’000 compounds.


The HDC advantage


  • We are one of the largest screening facilities in Europe running four independent fully automated robotic lines and several workstations.
  • Our stations are designed to run biochemical and cell-based assays. In addition to standard Multimode plate-readers, HDC has a Hamamatsu FDSS6000 for kinetic whole cell assays (GPCRs, ion channels etc.), a custom-built automated radiometric screening station and two Opera High Content Screening (HCS) instruments.
  • A variety of detection technologies can be used, depending on your needs. They include luminescence, fluorescence (prompt fluorescence, time resolved fluorescence, e.g. HTRF or LANCE, fluorescence polarisation), absorbance, HCS and Radiometric Screening.